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Financial training!

Financial training!

Finance is perhaps a boring subject for many, but still a very important portfolio since money is needed for everything. It is therefore very useful for your council year to understand how money flows within your university so that you can lobby accordingly. During the year, various standard finance-related papers appear on the agenda, such as the kwartaalreportage (quarterly reports), the begroting (the budget)  and the kaderbrief (framework letter). De begroting is dealt with at the end of the calendar year – pretty soon, in other words. The council has instemmingsrecht (the right of consent) on the main points of the budget. In June, the kaderbrief is on the agenda. This determines the broad outlines of the upcoming budget and also requires instemming (council approval). Here, you as a council member can make a fist towards the Executive Board about topics where you think money should go. During the training we will go through three important documents: the Universitair Verdeel Model (UVM – University Distribution Model), the kaderbrief and the begroting.

Trainings to kick-off your council year!

Kick-off Days for your council year!

Do you need help starting your council year? Every year, LOF organises inwerkdagen or kick-off days where different courses are offered to guide you as smoothly as possible through your council year.


During and between the courses, there will be room to get acquainted and to learn from medezeggenschappers from all over the Netherlands. The inwerkdagen will take place in Utrecht and will be accompanied by a free lunch. This year there will be two days: 16 October & 23 October.


Are there no topics related to your portfolios? Would you please forward our email to your colleagues? It is also still possible to pass on your successors via this link.

Kick-off Day 1

Sunday October 16th

12:00 Meeting techniques
First, we start with a training in meeting techniques. Here, a trainer will teach you how to hold meetings as effectively and qualitatively as possible, so that you have more time to spend on certain issues. Does your council consist of international people? Then we will also go deeper into effective meetings in multilingualism.

14:00 Rights of the Medezeggenschap
Secondly, after the free lunch, we will have a training regarding your rights as a medezeggenschapper to strengthen your position in the council. During this training we will elaborate on the laws regarding Dutch educational institutions  (the Wet Hoger Onderwijs en Wetenschap).

Afterwards, we will do some fun games and activities while enjoying some refreshments. This is a great opportunity to meet medezeggenschappers from all over the Netherlands. The day will end around 17:00. 

Kick-off Day 2

Sunday October 23rd

12:00 Lobby training
Do you want to learn how best to convince your board of your opinion? Then this training is perfect for you. During this lobby training, we will further discuss a deliberate strategy of putting pressure on your board, in order to influence them in such a way that the interests of the students (or staff) are heard and granted.


14:00 Media training
After lunch, we will discuss how to present your opions to the outside world during a media training. The media are often on top of the student world and can make or break your point. It is therefore important to check with yourself what you do and especially what you do NOT want to say. Using a number of examples, we will prepare you for the big screen.


Afterwards, we will do some fun games and activities while enjoying some refreshments. This is a great opportunity to meet medezeggenschappers from all over the Netherlands. The day will end around 17:00.

Wanted: board members

Op dit moment hebben wij één persoon aangenomen en zijn wij nog naar één bestuurder op zoek.

Are you interested in student participation and would you like to support council members with their role? Then apply for a boardmembership of LOF.

We are in search of 2 enthusiastic board members that would like to work for Landelijk Overleg Fracties from September 1, 2021 till August 31, 2022. This is a paid position that will take you 20-25 hours a week.

You support student councils, for example by organising events, facilitating training and education and, most importantly, maintaining contact with the representatives of all Dutch universities.

As a board member you work together closely with the Dutch Student Union (LSVb) en het Stichting HBO Medezeggenschap (HBO-MZ).

What are we looking for?

Board members of LOF preferably have experience in student participation. In any case, you have a feeling for politics and group dynamics and are able to think along with student council members about that. Moroever, you dare to start initiatives to represent student participation in national topics. You also have strong organisatory skills. Experience with the organisation of events is preferable. You have basic English speaking- and writing skills.

Even if you do not fit all of the above, you are encouraged to apply. You will be working in a team of two, and that enables you to help each other.

What does the position comprise of?

As an executive board member, you have the daily responsibility of the foundation Landelijk Overleg Fracties. You have set duties that are listed below. But you are free to choose your approach and are able to choose priorities. These choices are made together with the supervisory board.

  • You mantain a network of student councils throughout the country
  • As a first aid for student participation you answer questions or refer to other organisations
  • You organise events, exchanges and training sessions
  • You keep track of national developments in participation and education policy. Together with the Dutch Student Union you discuss these issues with the ministry.
  • Part of the job comprises of administrative and financial tasks

What do you get in return?

Being a board members is a fun and instructive way to get acquainted with a professional career.

  • A large network of ambitious young people
  • Lots of possibilites to develop yourself, with training sessions and a coach
  • A working place at a sociable office, namely that of our colleagues from the Dutch student union
  • When corona is over, you will visit many organisations and travel many places
  • You receive a generous renumeration by DUO. You share this renumeration with your fellow board member. How this works precisely, will be explained during the application proces.

Would you like more information?

You’re welcome to meet digitally over a cup of coffee. To arrange this, please contact us.

How to apply?

Send a resume and motivation at april 30 at latest to Stijn van Uffelen (stijn@lsvb.nl). After receiving your application, we will immediately schedule an interview. After this interview, you will hear from us within a week. There is no deadline; the vacancy closes as soon as we have hired someone.