Webinar Social Safety

Webinar Social Safety

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10-02-2021 19:00 – 20:00 Online Webinar , ,

Social safety is the feeling of protection against danger caused by human activity in the public space. It is an important condition for a succesful and safe study career. However, it is also a difficult subject to discuss and therefore does not often feature on the agenda of educational institutions. During this webinar, various experts talk about what educational institutions can do to improve social safety. We will also discuss what you can do as an representative with regard to this topic.

Colin Logie is associate professor of molecular biology. As a member of his faculty’s GenDi committee, he conducted research into the problem of unreported transgressive behaviour. During his presentation, Colin will talk about how often this kind of behaviour occurs at educational institutions.

Eline Terpstra is secretary of the National Students’ Union and responsible for student wellbeing & social safety. During the webinar, Eline will talk about the union’s proposals for improving social safety at educational institutions.

Loes van der Woerdt is a student of Social Geography and Planning at Utrecht University. On behalf of the UUinactie party, she currentyl has a seat in the University Council. Loes has set up a taskforce and written a paper on social safety. During the Webinar, she will present her work to show what council members can do on this topic.

The presentations will last about an hour. Afterwards there will be room for discussion.

We have a flexible language policy for this event. Non-Dutch speaking participants are welcome. We ask you to indicate your language skills when you register, so that our speakers can prepare in English if needed.


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