Student-wellbeing: What can we learn from the pandemic?

Student-wellbeing: What can we learn from the pandemic?

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26-04-2023 19:00 – 22:00 LSVb-kantoor, Drieharingstraat 6, Utrecht

Together with VMH, LOVUM and HBOMedezeggenschap we will discuss the state of student wellfare in the Netherlands. With students from hogescholen and universities, we will engage in a discussion with the LSVb to see what is needed to improve student welfare. We will also gain inspiration by discussing the facilities different institutions have with each other. For example, some students have developed great initiatives during the lockdown, such as Frisse Gedachtes. Also because of a huge amount of money made available by the government to improve student-wellbeing during the corona pandemic  a lot of new initiatives emerges. What can we learn from these initiatives created during the pandemic? Which ones are here to stay?

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