Student Assessors: a peek behind closed doors

Student Assessors: a peek behind closed doors

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07-02-2023 19:00 – 21:00 LSVb-kantoor, Drieharingstraat 6, Utrecht

A university faculty led by a multi-person board must always have a student member. This student then has the function of (student) assessor. A Student Assessor ensures that the views of students within the faculty are heard in management-level decisions. The assessor thus sits in on meetings that are normally closed to students, providing a peek behind closed doors.

Assessors at faculty level have thus existed for some time, but by no means all universities have a central assessor yet. The UvA was the first, Groningen and Utrecht followed, and the HvA too currently has a central assessor. But what exactly is the added value of an assessor and what does this person do at central level? What exactly is the administrative difference with the medezeggenschap?

On this evening, a number of assessors from both the college and the university will talk about their experience in their time as assessors. Free refreshments will be available.


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