Training Reach your constituency

Training Reach your constituency

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10-03-2021 19:00 – 21:00 Online Webinar , ,

This training session is organised in Dutch. It is open for passive Dutch-speakers and you are welcome to ask questions in English. Click here to read more about training opportunities for non-Dutch speakers.

This spring, the Landelijk Overleg Fracties is organising various online training sessions for student councillors. Maybe you have just joined the council, and you want to learn the tricks of the trade? Or maybe you’ve been on the council for some time, and you want to keep developing? In the months January to April, we organise in-depth training courses on student politics. In five online sessions, various topics will be discussed. You can register for each course separately. This is the third session in the series. Click here for the other training courses.

As a councillor, you are the representative of your supporters. That is why it is essential that you know how to reach them and vice versa. By maintaining contact with your supporters, you get to know what is going on within your institution or faculty. This strengthens your position in discussions with the board. And even in election time, it is not bad if the students know you… But how do you do that? There are so many social media and you don’t really make contact with them. Collecting input sounds like a good idea, but in practice students are not always interested. During this training we help you develop a communication strategy that suits you or your party.

You can register using the form below. Registration closes one week in advance.


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