Kick-off Day 2

Kick-off Day 2

Dag Datum Tijdstip Locatie
23-10-2022 12:00 – 17:00 Locatie nog te bepalen

12:00 Lobby training
Do you want to learn how best to convince your board of your opinion? Then this training is perfect for you. During this lobby training, we will further discuss a deliberate strategy of putting pressure on your board, in order to influence them in such a way that the interests of the students (or staff) are heard and granted.

14:00 Media training
After lunch, we will discuss how to present your opions to the outside world during a media training. The media are often on top of the student world and can make or break your point. It is therefore important to check with yourself what you do and especially what you do NOT want to say. Using a number of examples, we will prepare you for the big screen.

Afterwards, we will do some fun games and activities while enjoying some refreshments. This is a great opportunity to meet medezeggenschappers from all over the Netherlands.  The day will end around 17:00.

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