Financial training

Financial training

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16-11-2022 19:00 – 21:00 LSVb-kantoor, Drieharingstraat 6, Utrecht

Finance is perhaps a boring subject for many, but still a very important portfolio since money is needed for everything. It is therefore very useful for your council year to understand how money flows within your university so that you can lobby accordingly. During the year, various standard finance-related papers appear on the agenda, such as the kwartaalreportage (quarterly reports), the begroting (the budget) ¬†and the kaderbrief (framework letter). De begroting is dealt with at the end of the calendar year – pretty soon, in other words. The council has instemmingsrecht (the right of consent) on the main points of the budget. In June, the kaderbrief is on the agenda. This determines the broad outlines of the upcoming budget and also requires instemming (council approval). Here, you as a council member can make a fist towards the Executive Board about topics where you think money should go. During the training we will go through three important documents: the Universitair Verdeel Model (UVM –¬†University Distribution Model), the kaderbrief and the begroting.


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