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English training sessions

We aim to provide training session for non-dutch speaking participants. However, we do this on request only. Read on to learn more, or fill in your training interests immediately.

The amount of international students in higher education has been growing steadily. Fortunately, an increasing amoutn of international students is also finding a way into student participation. Research has shown that 50% of university student councils currently hold international students.

Landelijk Overleg Fracties is convinced that representation is at it’s best when students from diverse backgrounds are represented. That’s why we are glad with this development.

Support for international councils members is one of our top priorities. However, we are sometimes faced with challenges due to the specific needs of international students. In particular, we experience difficulties in our training sessions.

We’d like you to get the most out of our training sessions as possible. That’s why we organise highly interactive sessions in small groups. This allow participants to discuss actual cases from their own experience. Language differences make it a challenge for our trainers to offer the highly interactive sessions we value so much.

That’s why we organise training sessions in separate groups. Dutch-spoken training sessions are organised regularly and published online for sign-up. English sessions, due to the lower attendance, are scheduled as soon as enough people declare their interest using an online form. Declare your interest for English-spoken trainings using the form below:

Jules & Pim

Jules & Pim

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